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Have you ever had people invite you to join their holiday parties, meals if you're over fixing their toilets/sinks?

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What is your opinion about trying to learn more than one language at a time. I'm interested in French and German. Is that doable, or should I just focus on one?

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That was amazing. Did you suffer from depression at all? You look like you were able to keep your spirits up. I feel like after year 2, I don't think I could take it anymore.

Congrats to you and your strength.

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Honestly, I can't believe Conyers still has that job. I'm not in your district but good luck.

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What does it mean when you flush the toilet and even though the water is filled up, it stills makes noise? When my toilet refills, the noise last for 35 seconds even though the water fills back up in about 5 seconds.