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Very stressed... until securing articling positions.

And very difficult, but anything is possible.

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Thanks for your reply, Professor.

While I agree the inclusion of education as a fair dealing purpose is likely a straight forward issue, I worry that, similar to Access Copyright, other collectives or rights holders will continue to push the boundaries between compensable uses and fair dealing uses. In my opinion, the more clarity courts can provide, the better.

As for TRIPS, your point is well-taken!

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Hi Professor Geist,

Thank you very much for taking part in this, and for putting together The Copyright Pentalogy. I am a recent Western Law graduate who worked for both Professors Wilkinson and Trosow, and even covered the "fivefecta" last summer for IPOsgoode.

To your knowledge, are there any current proceedings at the Federal Court which may shed some light on the new fair dealing purpose of education? In your opinion, are there any concerns with section 29 being off-side TRIPS three-step test?

Regards, Adam Jacobs