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airportk92776 karma

I get what's left after he's taken care of.

airportk91867 karma

haha, that is the best part. I can't tell you the number of animals he's been called. To name a few: bear, cat, skunk, coyote, wolf... It's now a joke between the control tower and I - just come up with a random animal when a pilot asks. "Oh yeah that's the airport's komodo dragon."

Tower likes to call him the seeing eye dog for the guy in the truck.

airportk91418 karma

"You woke me up from a perfectly good sleep to ask me that? Of course it's me. Wake me when you've got something good, come on..."

airportk91339 karma

Both. Obviously it's awesome to hang with the dude all day, but he goes into serious work mode when I say "patrol". He knows where the truck is, goes for it and can't wait to work.

airportk91273 karma

Absolutely. Totally cliche, but it's not a job. I get to go to work with my best bud every day and get paid for it. Easy? Yes.