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I just wanted to remark on how strong you are and how incredibly grateful I am to modern medicine that they were able to give a well spoken, intelligent 13 year old so much more time on this earth. Best wishes.

What are your hobbies and are you looking forward to any new ones once you are in remission?

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Is stocket the official term?

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I want to start off by saying that I appreciate what you do and thank you for your hard work.

My best friend is a police officer and we often debate on the amount of power a police officer can yield. There is one particularly haunting thing he says from his training "it's me or them, and it sure as fuck ain't gonna be me." ... Now I understand this mentality but if you take a step back my friend is just a citizen with 6 months of extra training and a year on the job. He did not transcend average human status.

Do you feel like it's "you or them" when you pull up to a call or catch attitude from someone?

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I know my comment is getting some downvotes for my friends opinion but I do want to point out that he works in a very violent area and just had a son so his feelings of self-protection are probably very high. He is a good person but I see the error in what he says. I just wanted some opinions on the cultivation of this thought process but I don't want anyone to hate him.

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Your freedom to opinion does not make all opinions equal. Everyone is happy to gang up on Scientology in America but "heaven" forbid your criticize Christianity. The fun part is it is oh so easy to criticize an ancient book that attempts to give modern day people moral high ground.