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One time when I was 9, I stuffed my overall's front pockets with milkweed seeds and two chinese chestnuts before going on an international flight, just to see if I could get away with it. Such a rebel...

Is there an element of breaking the rules that you enjoy about this job?

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I work at a biotech company in Massachusetts and I know we use Triumvirate as our waste management. We have biohazardous bins (bio waste, no chemicals) and hazardous bins (chemicals but no bio waste). Is the process that's approved in PA also approved in MA? Is the waste from our biohazardous bins already being treated by this new process? If not, is there a way to make this closer to happening, aside from it becoming approved? Thanks!

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I'm interested in making an escape room contest for my friends. I'm envisioning two rooms, and having two groups compete to get out of their room first.

The obvious problem is that this my house and the two rooms will clearly be different, though of course I can make the puzzles be identical. But, things hidden in a drawer would be two different pieces of furniture, etc.

If the flow is in general the same, do you think it could still be a fair contest? Or does having two different layouts affect the gameplay a lot?

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Thank you!