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Just wanted to say keep focusing on being a computer whiz and building things that actually interest people. You’ll be far more successful, and happier, than following a standard academic focus.

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Can confirm Web Agency is one business that can be built from the ground up for $50/year.

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I'm not saying he should drop out of school and become an indie game developer for the rest of his life.

Rather, that he should continue to invest time and energy into this area that he's passionate about. And, if he did have to pick between being a straight-A student vs. being a B-level student with practical experience being a game/whatever dev, then I'd recommend the latter.

IMO, it's a heck of a lot more valuable to learn the ins-and-outs of thinking like a software developer than anything they can teach you in 99% of school programs.

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He’s already a redditor and developer. Soon he’ll be buying safes at garage sales. I think he’s safe from the brain rot disease that is the modern republican ideology.