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Soren, thanks for making what's still my favorite game of all time, Civ IV. I've spent so much time with that game. Thank you!!

A question:

I'm a turn based strategy kinda guy, and to me Civ IV BTS is pretty much perfect. It's interesting in a sort of board-game-y way that the game holds up so well after all these years. However, if you were tasked with updating it, or make a 2015 version of the game, taking into consideration new cpus etc, would you change anything? What?

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Hi, I work with concept development in an old, subscription-based newspaper, so this is pretty interesting.

How do you plan to stay afloat financially? Will you rely on user payment exclusively?

What will you do differently than Carr&co in NSFWCorp (rip)?

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Thanks for the reply! It's tough to find new revenue streams for journalism, you'll be interesting to follow. I'll check out the links - and the kickstarter :) Best of luck!