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There is an argument often made that if "the military" and "law enforcement" begin to crackdown on infrastructure in a much more forward leaning manner, that these gangs will still be able to persist, regroup, reattack - i.e., that even working with private sector partners, there isn't enough data/insight available to really take it to these networks. Agree? Disagree?

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So can more disruptive actions taken by international actors fill the void? i.e., make up for the inability of LE to actually put criminals in handcuffs? If, for example, more than LE were being brought to bear, do the technical and operational insights exist enough to do real damage to the criminals infrastructure?

aghorisan20201 karma

Thanks, Allan. I'd be curious as to your take regarding more proactive "offensive" action against these gangs and the ability to have real impact against their capabilities with what the public and private sector could potentially collaboratively see/do.