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Pros/cons to mainstreaming in a public school? My daughter is very different than other kids in terms of looks and behavior, but she is very smart. She's starting a new school and I can't decide whether or not to insist she be mainstreamed or left in the special ed classroom!

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I live in Hawaii, where every morsel of dropped food collects a stream of ants like you wouldn't believe. Chips. Almonds. Bread. ANYTHING will cause the ants to come.

I have a six year old who loves McD's, so as you can imagine we occasionally have the errant fry littering our floor.

My question to you, good sir or madam, is why are McD's fries the only things that do not attract ants??? What's in them?

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How do you come up with different names for man-and-lady bits?

I've tried writing erotica, but feel silly with the terminology!