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Hey, thank you very much for the AMA. I have a question regarding the reception of porn. The onania, Tissot and others address masturbation as epidemic in both genders. Also a lot of paintings from artists from the Netherlands show women masturbating. But I can't find information on the use of pornography between 1800 and 1920 (from onania to Freuds discussions). When do you think porn became a male thing in public discourse? It seems to me that started with the feminist sex wars (Dworking etc.).

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Highly interesting topic. I am contemplating about writing my master thesis about the nofap community. Right now I am writing two shorter papers on this subject, one using the perspective of a sociology of knowledge approach to discourse analysis (Keller) the other one utilising situational analysis (Clarke).

I will definitivly come back to you with some question as soon as I finished reading the dissertation. What I noticed, scrolling through your appendix is that only Rose is explicitly about analysing visual data. Can you summarize how you address the multi-modality of websites and how you deal with the question of agency regarding computers, websites etc.? Do you have an opinion on using the coding paradigm of grounded theory and the ideas of Clarke to analyze pictures in similar study?

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Thank you for your answer. I think I'll read your dissertation completly, so I am excited for chapter 6. Maybe I'll skip ahead tomorrow. Unfortunatly I am not familiar with Jodi Dean and Michael Warner. But I guess you use discourse in the Foucaultean 'tradition' (analysing discoursive formations) and not like in the us american discourse analysis (analysing 'talk'). I am sorry I can't phrase this better. English is not my first language. If you are intereted here is a nice interview with Clarke.

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Thank you very much. I will look into your book as well as Lisa Siegels as soon as I am back at my university.

Regarding your view of the history of pornography as a history of masculinity I had the gut feeling that this view may be shaped by our present view of gender and sexuality. Especially because the anti masturbation discourse addresses both genders. And Laqueur states that medicaly styled soft pornography (nosologicum, onania et cetera) were widely be sold to men and women alike. So I am very thrilled to read into your narrative.