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As a budding screenwriter, your work pretty much sets the standard. (I know, flattery). My (first?) question is this: How do/did you know when your work is/was good enough to shop around?

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A few quick questions?

1) Will the sheet music for Kara Remembers be available? Awesome tune by the way. EDIT: It's here, derp: http://www.amazon.com/Battlestar-Galactica-Songbook-Piano-Solo/dp/1617803677

2) What tools do you use? And if someone wanted to get started on the cheap, would you recommend Linux audio software/hardware (assuming you've tried it)?

3) Have you jammed with Zimmer, Newton-Howard, Williams, Jablonsky, any of those guys? If not, what kind of project would it take to make it so?

4) More technical: For the dark haunting pulsing beat in the soundtrack in the later episodes of the Walking Dead, how did you make it?

5) Concert in Houston? And can you sign MP3s? lol (though it might be possible as a pgp message in the comments section in the id3 tags...)