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Wanted to welcome you officially to the left-handed club. Scissors, eating next to people and bumping elbows, opening doors, writing in a spiral notebook, writing anything in general, taking tests or using those dumb ass right-handed people desks at universities, and having people ask you if you're left-handed as you write left-handed.

Oh and we live less long.

But anyways, welcome.

International left-hander's day is August 13th. So we have that going.

Edit: wanted to add having someone tell you their family member or friend is also left-handed as if we have terminal cancer and they know what we're going through and we just need to hang in there

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I always air dry my jeans. I don't want them shrinking.

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What is the actual cost versus a typical stainless steel tool?

Are there other alloys that are non-sparking? I assume they use more rare metals or they would be more popular.

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105.1 mph*****

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I have a chemistry and physics degree for a chemical manufacturing company, I started off in R&D but after two years was able to move into marketing/product management. I got a raise (albeit 4% maybe) but they cited the lack of business experience. I have now worked in this position for two years and feel I have learned and excelled greatly. When is a good time to negotiate a raise? I fully understand their reasoning for not giving me a larger raise, I came in with no formal business, economics, etc education or classes. But my skill set has allowed me to learn and excel.