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Speaking of clips, whose job is it to watch Fox News? I feel like they must have at least one person completely dedicated to watching and pulling Fox News clips.

EDIT: Thanks for the information and discussion, folks! It seems there is full-text search of transcripts for just about every newscast, the most interesting of which seems to be Lexis Nexis as pointed out punkwalrus.

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Ah, you're right off of 81! Just passed through your town last weekend on my way home from Syracuse.

How about that crazy snow last weekend? When we were on 81, it was complete white-out conditions, the worst I've driven in in all my life. Like, really crazy - couldn't see more than 5 feet in front of you. Scary!

Do you plan to get onto the national stage at all?

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I just wanted to say I read your entire story and I admire what you did. Really makes me think about how many people are wrongfully behind bars for crimes they didn't commit. It seems you saved that mans life.

What country are you from?

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Heh, the PC selection at Gamestop is pitiful. If you're lucky, there's a rack of WoW and Steam gift cards.

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There are non-cosmetic dental problems. The minute it's in your mouth, it's not covered.