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I have seen a lot of articles and research concerning the treatment of PTSD and I know that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has the highest rate in treating PTSD. However, it seems that one major of problem is that patient tend to not follow through with the treatment?

As some who has been through a similar struggle, what would you recommend to do when patients start missing treatments and not following through with the regiment?

In your opinion what do you think causes this issue specifically in veterans? (I know when it comes to therapy a lot of people still feel ashamed asking for help or tend to fear that it might not work, leaving them helplessly struggling.)

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Envious of your talent. What does it feel like to do something you love and have mastered?

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Wow, that has got to be an interesting story. Honestly it was meant to be, after 9 years you found your way back.

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Yes, couldn't agree anymore. Meaningful connections over shared interests are one of the most indisputable pleasant truths about modern society. Thank you for doing this, you guys are awesome!