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What has been the biggest challenge you have faced to date? Keep up the good work!! Love the videos!

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Wow, I just watch the video of your apartment and your resilience in getting everything together in order to be able to move really amazed me. I also just subscribed to your channel. Looking forward to more videos! My questions are as follows:

1) How is your Russian language ability?

2) WHat do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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Awesome thanks for answering! Follow up question... what are your thoughts on the Russia/Ukraine situation regarding Crimea? You seem really unbiased by national politics so I'm eager to hear your thoughts. Not trying to start any nationalistic debates or anything but you're analysis is probably 100x better than any of ours are you have the ability to see more deeply into it. Thanks!

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What was your accident?