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its difficult to see clearly what it is, but its a Grammastola rosea, or a Brachypelma vagans

If it was a vagan it would have told us by now.

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A cop writing someone a ticket isn't going to save many lives.

I have a friend that tends not to wear his seatbelt. If he's in my car, I make him put it on because I get a ticket if a cop sees him not wearing one. I think that law probably saves more lives than you give it credit.

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Considering one of the biggest theories to California drought is the agricultural industry (mainly almonds) and the damage this has caused to the environment there, would you still consider it to be vegan.

I saw that infographic floating around on Facebook talking about how 1 almond requires 1 gallon of water to grow. But other sources say that one pound of beef requires 1,000 gallons to grow. I was curious so I calculated it out, and calorie for calorie almonds are 19 times more efficient than beef, and almonds are a particularly water-hungry crop.

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rootbeer or coke?

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Burial is on that list, so probably yes :)