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The Picori hide the rupees because they like to do nice things for humans, so they probably wouldn't keep placing enough to cause significant inflation.

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Holding out hope for Bubba Nosferatu!

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Are there any plans to include gear preview? I can live without it in some other MMOs but since Wildstar has costume slots, it would be nice to know how stuff will look on my characters before choosing/buying it.

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Love the game. My 4-year-old also enjoys watching me play it for some reason - he calls it "the creepy game".

Tom, what was your process when you came up with the unique abilities and weapons in the game? I was pleasantly surprised that they didn't borrow liberally from other Metroidvania titles.

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I agree; it's nice to see older stories as they were originally created. Sort of like a time capsule of their particular era. Thank you for your answer!