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much black

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Will you be hiring more people in the future? If so, what kind of people are you looking for and what are some of the things that a person should have to work with you guys?

Edit: Also, I apologize for reaching front page with a load of porn and Gabe Newell only to write down NASA instead of Lunar Mission One.. Not a good way to start a job conversation I guess :)

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If I understood that correct, all the primary level parts of the mission will be (or already are) outsourced? So technically, you as a company don't require mechanical, automation or electrical engineers?

How does the whole backbone of the project look like from your perspective; also, what's actually the true backbone of a space craft (what controls the whole system, how does it work)?

What do you know about space travel now (after starting this project) that you didn't know before? And what excites you the most in your work?