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I know it's hearsay, but my buddy got a reckless driving charge and had to wait 5 years until he could go to Canada.

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I think the critique on this entire AMA is that the OP is pitching her business idea as a solution to addressing a very complex societal problem. When she is answering complex questions with unqualified opinions that largely tie back to serving her business interests, people are (in my opinion) justifiably skeptical.

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Doctors and hospitals are terrified of being told they didn't do enough, so they almost always opt into the highest level of intervention (cesarean, typically) and that is very dangerous for the mother compared to a vaginal delivery.

What are you talking about? A doctor is WAY more likely to get a malpractice suit on a c-section (where way more can go wrong) than a vaginal birth EXCEPT on VBAC. It's why if you talk to any doctor they'll tell you they'd rather do a natual birth than a c-section EVEN WHEN IT MEANS THEY GET COMPENSATED MORE FOR THE LATTER. You're speaking in absolutes in a way that only serves expectant parents to be scared of the delivery process so they hire a doula.

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How much coffee do you drink, and when?

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In her pitch, she opens with talking about concerns about maternal mortality and summarizes with, "We help parents find and FUND the support they need [emphasis mine] to improve their health outcomes. " That seems to me like she's pitching a solution.

I'd leave it alone if she talked about her service addressing something a bit more straightforward: Mitigating postpartum depression, addressing birth outcomes, addressing life transition, etc. In looking at some of the registries they're things that are useful and helpful: childbirth classes, childcare 101, emergency infant cpr, masssage, etc. The problem I have is that as a parent there are so many products (and services) that pitch to you based on scare tactics: "If you don't do this, you or your baby is in great danger". Furthermore, when she's answering questions outside of the realm of her expertise to the best of her ability she's making generalizations about maternal care that best serve the outcome of, "this is why you should hire a doula". IE: Doctors will overdo c-sections; Postpartum care is lacking; etc.

I don't expect her to address maternal mortality as a whole and that's the point. But if she's going to badmouth those in the profession that are also trying to improve maternal health outcomes, I'm going to take issue with it.