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Yes, wanted to add my congratulations as well. I so much admire persistence and you are certainly the epitome of it!

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Regarding #2, another approach is to have specific examples of how you were once deficient in a particular area but worked hard to improve (and be prepared for examples of how you did it) and are now very proficient in x area. "I've faced learning situations in the past and here's a specific example of one of them, etc."

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Ditto. LOVE the podcasts, thanks.

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No, Ma'am, thank you. People like you help restore my faith in humanity. All the best to you.

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Here's a hint. I've done this with the last 5 cars I've bought. Told the salesperson that if the F&I guys asks ONE question about an add-on of ANY sort or anything else that would add .05 to the price we agreed on, I'm getting up and leaving. Never had a problem. In and out in no time at all.