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adityadragoniyer65 karma

Can you give us more info about the upcoming AC movie? To what extent does the games have influence on it? Are the writers of the games (also comics) involved?

Been your fan since Prince of Persia Sands of Time all the way now to AC3 waiting for it to release next week for PC. Thank you for all the wonderful games! :)

adityadragoniyer2 karma

Hey Marvin! What inspired you at first to take this up putting other things such as your career on hold as you mentioned? Was it tad frightening? What keeps you going?

Hope to see you around the world with this one day. :)

adityadragoniyer1 karma

What advice would you give to new/learning film makers and what hardships you faced the most?

Looking forward to TPB AFK, been waiting eagerly since announced! :)