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So to get this straight, your best advice is to find an underrepresented product on Amazon or ebay and become a steady supplier?

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What are some good backpacking underwear? My normal day to day ones can chafe on long trails.

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Wow there actually semen shipping protocols and boxes? Where can I find that information?

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I have read that a fragile label applied to your box in some cases causes workers to be more rough with your package, almost out of spite. Is there any truth to that?

I have also read that instead of fragile, a label that will cause people to handle the package carefully would be "Bull Semen, Frothy when agitated". Do you think that would work? If even only to give the employees a chuckle so they are easier on the package.

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Thank you that is actually pretty succinct. I really appreciate the time you took to offer this input. I think I can really apply your wisdom!