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With Vulkan we are there out of the gate.

And for that, I thank you! No more catch up for the Linux desktop. We will be ready day 1 (at least with Intel) :D!!

Edit: clarification

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What is your opinion of the current state of Linux drivers and its future? Especially, Mesa and Gallium3D.

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More like your personal opinion, you guys have done quite a bit for the open source graphics stack on Linux. Below are some more explicit questions.

In which ways is open source graphics community stack growing now with SteamOS pushing Linux into mainstream video gaming.

When do you think Mesa will have full support for OpenGL (through 4.5)?

Do your feel that open source Linux drivers in the future would eventually be better than any proprietary ones? In my opinion, graphic drivers have become too complex for one company to create.

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In my opinion, IBM would have been a much better steward of of Java. We would have seen a degree of vendor participation that is much higher than it is now.