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I love the spiral graphic and have pointed friends and family to it.

I have a pretty morbid question, please forgive the downer.

How long do you think Humanity, as we know it, has left?

That is, do you think we’re most likely to hit an extinction event, or all turn into cyborgs, or live in a radically different way... and when would that change happen?

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Thanks for the answer. Can I push you a bit further? Setting aside climate change being the catalyst for a significant change in Humanity, how long do you think we have left? Indefinitely, a few thousand, hundreds, or dozens of years?

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Thanks for all you’re doing!

As you’ve gotten deeper into the game industry, is there anything you are troubled by?

There seems to be a lot of Big Bads in the industry, EA and Activision/Blizzard to name the headliners. Do you think they have too much influence overall, are their bad practices bleeding out to other publishers, will they only do worse at larger scale?

Or do you find from your experience that studios and publishers are improving more than it would seem to outside observers?