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i have a sneaking suspicion it's gonna need to be a little longer than an hour...

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you should watch it all the time anyway, it really is a fantastic movie.

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ah, kinda glad to see this isn't just a bar thing. so many people think it's okay to ask for free shit just because they spent an x-amount of money already. first of all, let's say you dropped a good amount of cash at the clothing or grocery store, you don't just start demanding free shit, why is that okay at a restaurant/bar? second, the quickest way to not get a buyback, is to ask for a buyback.

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hold... tha goddamn phone, TED is CHRISTOPHER LLOYD's NEPHEW?!!!

i feel extremely ashamed for not having known this already.

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The things which made me change were some instances were I felt attracted to the person of the same sex even if it was momentarily.

not that it matters, but just asking for clarity -- did you change your views on homosexuality because it turned out you were gay? or you just had these momentary moments of attraction that never really amounted to anything more than a fleeting attraction and you consider yourself/are still heterosexual?