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I always thought it was "garbage."

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I'm a former President of a medium-sized Hillel chapter. Luckily, we were never paid much attention to by the Hillel home office so we often got to do interfaith dialogues and panel discussions frequently.

I heard about this recently on Slate's Political Gabfest Podcast and am not surprised. While Jews generally have had fairly liberal roots, there's been a growing conservatism and hawkishness (not to mention narrow-mindedness) in policy circles.

Why do you feel that American Jews have become so right wing in the last couple decades? Is it directly tied to Israel or do you think there's an economic class element to it as well?

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Hi Cheryl, I came to listen to Dear Sugar through your appearance on the Savage Lovecast. I was hoping you could expand on your feelings on monogamy? As I recall, you indicated you couldn't do an open relationship yourself, but you seemed like you were accepting of others in that situation. Do you think it's a viable relationship model?

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Thanks Cheryl!!!

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Respectfully, Michael, I disagree... Tony was, if anything, protecting his and Christopher's family after it was obvious his drug use would never stop and he saw the branch impale the car seat in the back.

Nevertheless, I love your work and your portrayal. Thank you for the years of awesomeness you've given the world.