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What were you filming in LSU's quad the other day and why didnt you give my sister a high five?

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To clarify, that 77/100 figure is for the period between now and 2033, right? And 2033 is the theoretical insolvency point? And by that point legislators are expected to either increase revenues or cut benefits?

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Believe it or not we do live in a democracy, so the "tyranny of the majority" is capable of voting itself money. Just make sure you're in the majority when that happens :P

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I'm a n00b at reserving, but I'm assuming these securities would be structured according to spend-date? I.e. the funds needed in the next 5 yrs would be backed by US Treasuries, and funds needed in 15 years would be backed by high-yield bonds or equities. Is this correct, or are y'all more "dovish", preferring a portfolio entirely composed of "risk-free" Treasuries?

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Why do SS taxes show up as a separate line item on my paycheck? Why aren't they integrated into the rest of Federal taxes? I mean, I don't see a separate line item for DOD spending, so why SS?