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"Dork & Stormy" is actually the name of my Paul & Storm drinking band.

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How much of the order did you actually end up eating?

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Hey Mr. Page! I'm a huge fan of your songwriting. I love how you balance wit and word-play with serious issues.

Do you find that people take you too seriously, or not seriously enough?

Also: What's a song that you're very proud of that never seems to be a crowd favorite but you love anyway?

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1) Is there a pilot episode for the Oh No! podcast that has never been made public? If so, what was it about?

2) A significant amount of the podcast is based on the fact that you're experiencing these things as "average Joes and Janes." Do you have long-term plans for maintaining anonymity? Disguises? Fake passports? Etc?

Also: Hi, Carrie!