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the question is, would Zach Braff confuse Kristen and Sarah Chalke at a slight distance...

Also, all 4 of you should do some kind of project together. Perhaps a body switching comedy a la Freaky Friday, or a "twins" comedy like the Parent Trap but more adult themes. GET ON THIS.

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Hey there, neat project, if a little insane. What (if any) alternatives would you recommend to the prison industry as a way of a) punishing very dangerous criminals and b) keeping well known criminals or terrorists out of the main prison population for their own protection, like many of the inmates at ADX Florence in Colorado? I absolutely agree that solitary is a form of torture but as yet I can't think of any way around it in certain cases.

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11 year cruise veteran here, if I may chime in...It's very rare. In my 11 years I've only been present for it twice.

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So let me get this straight...you thought you were wrong for not believing in a completely made-up deity, and now you're right for believing in it? Got a secret for you...you had it right the first time.

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This. Canada has the absolute worst deals on telecom of any industrialized country and it's ridiculous. It's the most clear cut case of price fixing you can imagine and nothing has been about it for years. We pay more and get less than basically anybody but they know there's nothing we can do about it. Drives me insane.