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i think most people get scared of the tourist beheadings.

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add a ? to that and you got yourself a question

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I've always wanted to explore an amazing place like the Amazon. What tips can you give to a wannabe explorer?

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Hey, I just wanted to leave you a comment from a different point of view. I went to VFX school and 2 weeks after I graduated I had my first job. I jumped around a bit and now I am working for a 3d printing company.

In my experience it wasn't just 'can you make good 3d', because hobbyists can make some beautifull animations and models but know jack shit about pipeline and what makes for a clean model/file.

I agree though, the industry is in a dark, dark place right now, and I really hope we see change. However, my 3d education (I graduated last september) was not a waste.

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No questions from me, I just appreciate what you do.