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Did you ever feel like you received a lack of respect when you returned home from Vietnam? The war was unpopular at home, did you as a soldier ever receive some of that hate?

Thank you for your service

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My Dad has voted red every election in the past 30 years. He'll be voting Bredesen hands down. I read a good article recently about Tennessee's voting habits. No party has held the Governer's mansion for more than 2 terms consecutively in the past 140 years or so. It may be a red state, but it's a pragmatic red state. Tennessean's know what Bredesen did for us (as Mayor then Governor), he has always had TN as his number 1 and only priority, regardless of party lines. Nashville wouldn't be growing so rapidly today without him. He's truly what you want in a politician.

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I personally don’t care about party, I’ve got issues with both sides so I don’t like to view it as a party decision. But he’s done far more than enough to actually prove to me that he wants to do right by me as his constituent, and that is far more than Blackburn has ever done as my district representative.

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Hahah, yeah that name I made up in middle school seemingly appears in every thread like this.

But seriously, I think Bredesen pulls this one out. Tennessee has a long memory and generally looks out for her own interests over party lines, even though it might just look like a hard red state at first glance.

There’s quite a bit of parity that most not from here wouldn’t see. People overlook Nashville, Memphis and Knoxville and imagine the very rural areas when they picture the state. As a whole, it’s (obviously) conservative leaning, but by no means is that an absolute.

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But he’s literally been all over the world!