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See I believe you but I just wanted to point out this is the exact response Bojack Horseman would give.

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Fucking made my day thanks!

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I have several questions for you but firstly thank you for doing this.

As a fellow Christian, how did you come out of idea that you were going to Hell?

I used to think Hell was a possibility even with acceptance of Jesus Christ when I realized that that was the whole point. Accepting him as my savior (Thank you Lord) lifts any possibility of Hell off of my shoulders. Of course there is more to it than that, but what are the reasons members of the church don't seem to follow this line of thought?

Do you think there is any possibility the members of your family could be right?

How do you reconcile your new found religion with your family's old one? Do you try to convert them?

Thank you for your time.

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Hey so since you are a trainer as a Mcdonalds employee I have to ask: am I supposed to spray the grill with the butter before I cook grilled chicken or is the water sufficient?

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Thank you! I have never gotten a straight answer.