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Not Willem here but I hope you don't mind me answering. Most of these drugs cause effects that are a result of their interaction with receptors in our nervous system. These receptors are typically responsible for process like appetite, memory, pain, mood, basically everything. These receptors are essential for humans to fuction properly and stay "fit". Drugs that affect humans can work in different ways but tend to mimic what the receptor typically binds to, and then overloads it.

I'd rather not try and answer the other questions since I'm not well versed on these moment of death traits or the evolutionary relevance of spirtuality. Hopefully someone else will be eloquent in explaining how this interplays.

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There are certain bacteria that you could definately say are "cooking-resistant". They normally achieve this by encapsulating themselves into things called spores which can have very high heat resistance. Examples of this are Clostridium perfringens which you can find in a lot of foods and Bacillus cereus which you can often find in starchy foods like rice/potatoes.

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I think Willem meant "you do [not] need to memorise". At least I hope he did.