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There's a story out there about the gun range scene in Super Troopers, and that it was shot right next to a correctional facility.

What kinds of shit did the inmates say?

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Hi Karl, I'm a designer working at a large architecture firm. I do a lot of parametric modeling and other computational design so end up using auto desk products a lot.

I'd obviously love an ember but that price point seems high... Any idea the final MSRP? Also, even though we model all day long we still don't use our printer anywhere near as much as we should... Do you really see 3D printing becoming that pervasive? Even in a large practice like ours there aren't many times where we have the time or need to print a model.

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What effect do you think VR will have at humanizing our interactions and experiences online / digitally?

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How have youtube fail videos had an effect on your industry?

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Would you say your techniques rely more on dexterity or misdirection?