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Not OP, but I was a Blacksburg "townie" in high school at the time. Most classmates' parents are connected to the university. Cell towers went down that day so when the reports came about a gunman on campus, we were forced into lockdown with no information. Several classmates' parents were killed, and their lives didn't really go back to normal. Some still take vacations that week every year to avoid the media storm, though it dies down some every year.

The town shrinks to about a third of its size during the summer, and you can't imagine the atmosphere after an event like that. Eery even still.

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You'll need to link to the page for a Reddit hug

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I've never met a teacher who likes Common Core. Frankly it's limiting and ends up diminishing the value of the teacher to the students while inaccurately measuring the students' skills.

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I am very sorry that someone tried to take advantage of you, I’m glad you’re okay, and your gun ownership is your personal choice.

That said, your anecdote does not hold any weight against the fact that there’s little data to suggest that guns prevent crime. Anecdotally, I freeze in the presence of violence. Holding a gun would allow an attacker to use a weapon against me, and so I do not carry. It’s my personal choice. It still has no basis on the fact that gun ownership has no known correlation to preventing crime, which is most easily evidenced by the fact that countries without guns don’t have drastically more crime.

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Criminals won't care about gun legislation they are criminals.

I was with you until here. This is not a good argument. If it were a good argument, you'd end up at, "Why have any laws at all? Criminals don't follow them anyway!" The reason we have laws is to protect life and property or at least be able to punish people who threaten life and property. Gun laws are the same as every other kind of law in this regard and should not be exempted because "bad people exist."