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Thanks for doing this AMA!

  • Can you describe a typical Japanese hook-up scenario where two strangers meet and decide to go to bed together?

  • I heard a rumor that it is a custom in Japan for both people to bathe before and after sex. If you are at someone's place and they invite you to use the bath, it is implied they want to have sex with you. Is that true?

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Does telling the caller to put you on their do not call list ever not work? I.e., do some organizations just go through the motions with you on the phone, and then call you back next week?

And, what was your most memorable experience on the phone with someone you called, good or bad?

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Hi Adam! Two questions:

1) Do you have any fictional stories that you would love to write as an inappropriate children's book?

2) What is one of your favorite antics of your daughter (that you are comfortable sharing)?

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Mr. Trash Wheel, two questions for you:

  1. Could you tell us how you came to be built and in operation? I think other cities could benefit from hearing your story.

  2. Because you seem unable to leave the water, what land-based tourist destination would you like to visit the most?