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Agree totally as a heart failure patient with only two years experience. I'd agree to the point where I'd say this statement belongs in an edit in your original post maybe even.




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Well thanks very much for continuing. How long is 'normal' (i.e. average I guess) rehab? Like how many months would you expect to spend doing specific exercises I mean, not only post-surgery recovery. I did read about your current check-in and medication routines, above.

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Thanks for doing this AMA, though it's probably over now I really appreciate your detailed and generally super-interesting answers. I had cardiac Sarcoidosis last year and heart failure, at 47 years old - has changed my life to say the least. Waiting now to see how much recovery I get (I've gone from 8% EF to about 25%) but it's looking like my transplant will be years away if ever. Interestingly, I can't tell if my career is over or what I want to do next.

Definitely agree with you on public health care, I'm a US immigrant to Canada (now a dual citizen) and my healthcare / hospital quality was as good as anything I saw my parents go through in Chicago - except I only paid for parking and monthly medication co-pay for my weeks of care.

If you're still taking questions, I'd be curious to know what difference the fact that you were 14 had in recovery and adaptation and rehab, i.e. how much faster were you than average transplant recipients - if there's even a way to gauge?

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Thanks man! I've been part of the way down that "will i wake up in the morning, meh, it's of my control" road you've basically camped in, and i have those pictures of more black and blue than arm. Yet i was asymptomatic all the way, didn't even understand why i was stuck in the ICU bed for a week prior until i saw the guy wheeled in who looked like a pale zombie and he turned out to have an EJ higher than me. I felt fine, what's the deal man! You started punching me in the chest and wut, stahhhp, doctors.

Except you, cute one. Let's flirt.

I'm again contemplating going vegetarian or vegan at the moment because of this thread; thanks for a super interesting read. I take it your doc started the process immediately after your initial meeting.... not in 2014 but as soon as you got on the transplant list.

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I'm a cardiac sarcoidosis patient, iacd put in and a largeish benign stomach tumour taken out in the last two years. If my heart falls behind where it is i may get to go through the Gates of Mordor experience you've been through, assuming i get lucky. At the moment my ejection fraction is steady at 25 or so, but my lowest pre-implant was eight. I'm 49 years old.

What were your ejection fractions over the years and how was the specific determination made that you would go on the transplant list? Was there some moment your cardiologists have you the nous and everyone knew?