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That's what counter-suits are for, I believe, and why you hear about counter-suits that are just for the lawyer fees.

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Sometimes you really wonder how we made it.

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I like to imagine the display that they touch/scratch as being a (live) stripper; it makes the visual even better.

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I had two cats (one still living) that used to sit one on top of the bed and one underneath, and use the mirrored wardrobe to see and swat at each other (playing).

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For us to say "If God is loving then..." is for us to define God's love, not to let Him define it. And that is to set ourselves up as gods, which is idolatry.

...Which is exactly what you're doing by stating your own interpretation as fact and making an issue of it.

I hate that the church has singled out homosexuality and demonised, ostracised and dehumanised gay people.

If that were true, then you'd appreciate his efforts to fight discrimination, but instead you've taken the opportunity to preach against homosexuality. I don't say this as an insult, but your actions belie your words.