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Yes yes definitely! Will you pass on my channel link? It's all about how I do things with only 5 fingers: youtube.com/abshowfosho and instagram.com/abshow where they can message me -- I'd love to hear from them and answer any questions! Also luckyfinproject.org is an organization that connects people all over the world with limb differences!

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Not much really bothers me, but I don't love it when people express sympathy. Not that sympathy is bad, but they usually do that only because they haven't asked me any questions and don't realize that I'm not sad about having one hand!

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Thats a hilarious and sweet story! I think sometimes people with physical challenges work extra hard to prove they can do it! One of my best friends had no idea i had one hand the first few times we met... and then he thought I was a twin because he saw my wearing my prosthetic arm after seeing me with out it at first -- haha!

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Good questions. I think I would be naturally right handed. My whole family is right handed and I kick with my right..right dominant in sports, drumming, and guitar. My handwriting isn't too bad actually! I'd say average.

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Great question. My grandpa used to tell the story of taking me to the park and me trying, but ultimately having to give up on, the monkey bars. Just couldn’t make it happen — haha! I allllmost gave up on putting up my own hair in any sort of bun or ponytail, but I kept at it and after several years of on and off frustrating practice, I got it down! (I actually made a video about how I do it 👆🏼) :)