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This might not be something you can answer easily -- but I recall a few years back when you kept the awards going yourself there was talk about you going into your own pocket essentially. How financially viable is the show? Is it more an exercise in love that you keep going to keep it going or does it make a profit?

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Thanks for the very thorough answer, Geoff! Some people will always complain but I think most pragmatic people understand certain things have to happen to keep something like this going. I'm excited about the show and glad you've kept it going. Good luck tonight and going forward.

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Hi Geoff,

Got to meet you here in Austin at SXSW a few years back and have been a fan for awhile thanks to GAF. Have you considered doing some sort of "offseason" TGA event as a part of SX (or something around E3 for instance)? Or do you plan to just keep your game events a once yearly thing.

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You played in Austin last tour but are skipping it right now and doing Houston and Dallas -- does that mean Austin City Limits is in the cards later this year?

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My wife and I first came across you all thanks to the Obama interview and we've been listening ever since. Special shout out to Lovett for introducing us to Beto when he had him on the show in April 2017 -- we had tickets to another event that night so we couldn't make it in person, but from that moment on we were both totally enamored with Beto and he has lived up to the adoration since.

As far as a question goes, if Beto loses in November (god forbid..), is he a legitimate candidate for 2020 or would he need to be a potential Veep first with an eye towards 2024 (ugh) or 2028? If he wins in November, I don't think there is a chance he'd bolt right away since it flies in the face of his message, but he will definitely be courted if it happens.

p.s. Fingers crossed we get Austin tickets!