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The last two On the Ocean weekends were a blast! Please keep them coming, it's slowly becoming a reunion weekend for a bunch of us who have spread out. What kind of ideas are you all spinning for this coming summer?

Got any sneaky tickets for the Portsmouth show this spring? They sold out in like 6.5 minutes.

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I responded above in this thread to say that I also have a deformed ear. What was the higher priority for you: the cosmetic, or the canal? I'm open to talking more in DM if you're interested about our experiences

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I grew up with a similar birth defect. I think I had the most difficult time up until about 6-8 years old. My parents had already let me decide to not have cosmetic surgery, so I think mentally I already had some sense of ownership of it. Another thing that helped was having the language and means to talk about it plainly with my peers. 9 times out of 10, other kids were simply curious, but just didn't have the social skills developed to approach it in a tactful way. I'm happy to chat more if you want to send me a PM.