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Thanks! I've worked with a band called Lithium Dawn for many years. It's a prog metal band with heavy influences from things like Tool, Korn, Messugah, etc. I provide things like keyboard, orchestrations, background vox, and some random instruments. You can find our stuff at https://lithiumdawn.bandcamp.com/

And I've had toooons of influences. Im classically trained with a BM and MM in music composition, so thats where the bulk of my influence comes from. But my MAIN influences are from the amazing music teachers I had while I was growing up. They helped shaped me into the person I am today.

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I'm where I am because of Ingram and Wootton's music program. I owe so, so much to her. She and my middle school music teacher are some of the most influential people I ever had in my life. But of course, being in chambers with her, you know exactly what a beast she really is. Ingram gave me so many opportunities as a performer and provided me with so many tools to grow as a musician that theres nothing I could ever do to properly thank her. Her and I are co workers now!

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Now that is a very good question. This whole thing has happened so fast that I'm still navigating WHAT it is this is going to become. I've spent years trying to develop my brand, be it composing, performing, arranging, teaching, etc. and I've always wondered what will the move be when lightning strikes. To be honest, I just don't know! I would love to have the channel take off to a point where I can become financially stable from it. I would love to have some high up people see it and go "hey this guy might be great for X" or something along those lines. I want this to be a way into showing people what I'm capable of along with all my versatility, because I love what I do and I'm extremely passionate about it. I'd say the hardest part is navigating the licensing rights to perform these songs, especially when it comes to monetizing.

BUT, this last week has inspired me to start building some albums to sell, like a Metal Christmas album for next year. Thankfully, these don't take me long to make so I want to give the people what they want.

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It is! I'm lucky enough that I have a job that supports me financially (health insurance, pension, etc) but at the same time I have a way that I can still do all the things I want to do musically. Even if my career isn't being a youtuber, I can still create what I want while knowing I can pay my bills by teaching music.

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Thank you! Whatever your preference! Happy to have your support!