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I just wanted to thank for the in depth answer, that's usually rare when doing these things.

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I just wanted to piggyback this to say I LOVE Jeff Smith. His Bone series has been (accurately) compared to Lord of the Rings, the way he uses childlike environments and premises and blows it up into an epic with loads of deeper meaning is amazing. His art style is great too, in Bone as well as the darker RASL. Everybody should give his work a try, even if you have no experience with comic books.

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I'm a first-year undergrad student interested in data science as it applies to politics and economics - pretty much all the stuff y'all work on. Is there specific career advice you'd recommend as far as courses to take/things to do to get good at modeling? I've heard that you have to be a math major/get a PHD in math to do data science as a career, but I don't think this is feasible for me given my current degree plan. I am reasonably good at math/compsci but I'm not really sure what courses to take/what skills to develop. Love your work, thank you for doing this!

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Trump has repeatedly complained about "dishonest" media and there is a perception that journalists on the east coast are out of touch with "real" America because their own lifestyles are so different.

Could you assess the way media-at-large is representing the viewpoints of Trump supporters, and suggest how they could improve that representation ?

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Thank you so much for the reply!