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They most likely treat it as "whatyagonnadoaboutit".

But seriously, I'm pretty sure that even the NSA considers that content.

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and thus got shot at a lot less

Damn. Thanks for making me realize that some of the things we take for granted, aren't.

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Can you imagine how impossible this video would be to imagine like 50 years ago?

50 years ago was 1965, the middle of the Space Race, four years after Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space. Space stations were commonly imagined, even though they weren't built yet. Here you can find color video from Apollo 7, 1968. Space Oddity itself was released in 1969, as was the original music video. I would certainly not say that the video was impossible to imagine.

Measured by this benchmark, it's sad how little human spaceflight advanced in the last ~30 years.

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it might be too late before you notice something is wrong.

Most importantly, if you are hypoxic, you think you are fine. Someone will ask you what one plus three is, you answer five (or potato) and think you got it right. Then you die.

Here's the video where they demonstrate it.

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The kids who have the worst shot at escape are probably those who were homeschooled.

Which is one of the reasons why if you want to homeschool in Germany, you'll have to request asylum in the US or something, because in Germany regular school is mandatory and not letting your kids there means your kids will get a special school bus with blue lights.