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Do you have any general advice on raising girls to not be ashamed of their sexuality/body. And at the same time not seeming like you're just giving them the thumbs up to go crazy?

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How do you feel about the way female characters are portrayed on fantasy and sci-fi book covers?

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I've had many friends and acquaintances tell me "Wow, my cat never lets a stranger touch them".

Do cats have an ability to know a "cat person"? Or have I just developed a nonthreatening way of approaching cats in general?

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Are in regular contact with the writers at Maxim?

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Investigating a rape or murder would most likely cost a police department money. However ticketing people for drugs brings in money.

Is this the reason most people from the criminal justice side that support legalization are FORMER criminal justice people?

I hear the argument that police could focus on violent crime, but do they really WANT to?

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