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a_shrubery1 karma

I'm hoping you're still answering questions. I am a Canadian citizen, married to a US citizen for 4 years whom is currently visiting on a Tourist Visa for the last 12-18 months. We've looked into completing her immigration paperwork ourselves and feel slightly overwhelmed by what forms are necessary, what steps to take first and where to begin. We've had a list of the IMM forms from the CIC website completed, just unsure if we have them all completed and ready to submit, also what else must be included for a smooth process.

My questions are do assist in simple spouse/common law immigration cases, what are your rates (if you do), and also (if you do not assist in those types of cases) are you able to provide a link to a non CIC website that may be easier to understand for both of us that lists the forms we must complete, background checks required, and fees owed?

We would deeply appreciate the help, from you or anyone who has completed this task.