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I collect vintage Acoustic Control Corp solid state amps. I remember a story about their first delivery for a major concert was The Doors at Hollywood Bowl. They admitted that they weren’t sure if they’d blow up on stage or not. Wanna talk gear? Do you still own anything from those days?

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I can’t wait to go back in time and tell 14 year old me that I got to ask Robbie Krieger a gear question. Thanks for the pick me up!

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There are high profile cases, and then there is the procedural and minutiae... how important is it for the average citizen to know everything the SCOTUS does? I mean, it is the highest federal court, so even the minutiae must affect our society, right?

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How did you think of your fellow Germans who were involved in the rise of fascism at the time? Were there lots of Germans like you who went along with their country’s move toward fascism even though they knew better?