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Great AMA; pretty much every question I could think of was answered.

So...what brings you the greatest joy? What are your hobbies? I noticed you have lovely handwriting. (freelance artist here haha)

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Hello Alan! Forgive me if this has been answered in other articles in the past.

First of all, congrats on this amazing mission! It's not even complete yet but there is much to be proud of. Are there plans for New Horizons to continue operations after the Pluto/moons flyby is complete? What else do you hope to find out there, and how long will New Horizons' battery last?

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Haha that's good stuff! Best of luck getting back into the swing of working. Spending so much time at home or in the bed is sure to mess with your head, so I can understand your eagerness to get back to work.

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Hey man, congrats on the clean bill of health! Did you ever find that a dark sense of humor was helpful to yourself and family? I always imagined if I were diagnosed, I'd use humor to my (mental) advantage, and try to keep my loved ones smiling in spite of the bad news.

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Hi guys! Was it difficult setting up a pitch meeting? I'm currently seeking any info possible on how stuff like this gets set up.

Keep up the great work!