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I was charged with Assault with a deadly weapon with a great bodily injury attachment(second count). I beat the case primarily due to a weak case, a weak DA, and a great public defender. I accepted a deal which saw me guilty to a lesser charge(disturbing the peace), 2 years informal probation, restitution, and some community service. None whatsoever. I firmly believe I did what was right. I defended my friends and myself in what could have been a life threatening situation.

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Thank you for reading. If I learned anything from all of this its you should never talk to the cops. They arent looking after your best interest, ever. Pleading the fifth on this one would have gotten my case thrown out due to lack of evidence on the first court date.

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I did not eat anyone.

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Thanks. Interesting side note: I was living with him and his gf at the time. After it all happened she told me she didnt feel safe around me anymore...

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Exactly. She went from being one of my best friends to someone I dont talk to anymore.