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How are your lungs doing?

My grandpa lived until his 80s, which I think is pretty good for a coal miner who chain-smoked.

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My uncle delivered propane to farms. His truck was rigged to run off propane.

I figure he could have traveled around the planet a couple times.

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All the best luck to you, man.

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Here's something I've always wondered about: How are international money exchange rates established? Is it just a mutual agreement that, say, one US dollar is worth NN Chinese Yuan, or is there some impartial, automatic method to establish value?

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Is there any accommodation for prisoners who are transsexual (or pre-op)?

I live near a state prison. I was in a liquor store and overheard a conversation between a prison guard working at that prison, and another guard who used to work there with the first guy, but was now working elsewhere. The conversation went something like this:

"Is Frank still working?"

"Oh yeah, he'll be there until he retires".


"Bill transferred to Xyz Correctional."

"How about Ed?"

"Ed works in the east wing with the he-shes."

The He-Shes.

There are apparently enough people in the transsexual or pre-op range, that they have their own wing of the prison, which is probably a good idea. Does that happen in other prisons?